jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Microsoft: Weaknesses and Strengths of Live Search distribution

III – 1.2.1 Weaknesses and Strengths of Live Search distribution

Not giving the choice to people can increase their unsatisfaction. Let's imagine that they are forced to use Live Search and that they discover that the results coming from one of his competitor is better then they will really have the feeling that Microsoft is cheating them by not giving them the possibility to change. So Microsoft has to provide an equal or a better technology in order to handle this problem. It can jeopardize his image and moreover provide general unsatisfaction.

Microsoft has a definitely strong advantage on some distribution channels: it can afford very large investments so strategical partnerships, it has a wide range of well known software and applications.
He can go above unavoidable barriers that its competitors cannot overcome such as nationalism like in Russia or China. Here it is his channel of his own products that it will use. You can avoid Google but you cannot avoid Microsoft.

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