jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Microsoft: Microsoft Windows: Operating System

II – 1.2 Microsoft Windows: Operating System

Microsoft Windows is the famous Operating System(cf. Glossary) which made the success of Microsoft.

This product is dominating the market of computers(desktop and laptops) with an incredible 90% of market shares(2008).

Economist are speaking about a monopole of the market. This situation is moreover enforced by the fact that his two main competitors are not really playing on the same market: Mac OS(from Apple) seems to be focus on a niche and Linux(specialized in Web Server Operating System) is more targeting advanced users.

In order to understand better this monopole we have also to take into consideration that most of the computers sold in the world are sold with Microsoft Windows. In customers mind it is even sometimes unthinkable(unfortunately for its competitors) that a computer cannot be sold without Microsoft Windows.

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