jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Microsoft: Individual distribution

III – 1.1.1 Individual distribution

I do not have the exact figures regarding how much does the individual distribution of Microsoft Windows is regarding to the one including with the selling of the software. But taking in account that the change of an operating system is driven by the obsolescence of the hardware and that the operating system has always been sold with the computer, then there are good chances that individual selling are representing only a small piece of the whole cake.
Regarding this individual distribution it can be divided into three parts:
You can buy the product at any stores which is distributing the Operating System(specialized stores, supermarket...). Contrarily to Apple with the Apple stores Microsoft does not have his own physical outlet;
You can buy it online. For information Microsoft online personal stores just opened, it seems that it is the way Microsoft prefer instead of providing physical stores
You can receive it as a donation, this is the case for Microsoft in Africa for example;

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