jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Microsoft: Conclusion: Suggestions for future developments

IV- Conclusion: Suggestions for future developments

Regarding Microsoft Windows:

It is hard to say something because Windows is the world leader regarding this product. They however made some mistakes regarding the launch of the netbooks. They taught that it was not a profitable market which actually is right but it should not be Microsoft priority. They should better think about their image and market shares rather than profits. Since some years Mac OS and Linux distributions are getting more and more market shares. Mac OS does not seem to jeopardize Windows because they do not play on the same market. However with the netbook market(low cost computers) gave a great opportunity for Linux to be known. I do not think that customers are ready to switch from Windows to Linux, on a short term period Linux has no chance, but the thing is if Linux came to be more and more known then people will be curious and then Microsoft could lost more market shares.
The recent example of the Eee PC.
Equipping Linux on a computer costs about $5, compared with $40 to $50 for XP and about $100 for Vista, according to estimates by Jenny Lai, a Taipei-based analyst at CLSA Ltd.'
according to

Regarding Live Search:

Here I find that the distribution channels are perfect, actually Microsoft has the reputation to be very good tactician. I however really think that it is time now for them to care about quality and image. They are for me by using their lock in strategy focusing too much more on dependence profiting of their monopolistic position and they have to be very careful about it. Because once a customer feels cheated if you let him one opportunity to escape he will took it.
And this reverse situation could happen far faster than we think because Google is coming on Microsoft market with a far more better image on customer's point of view.

In order to conclude I would like to use two sentences that one told me one day about Microsoft:
“Bill Gates was not the best computer programmer but a genius of marketing.”
“I do not think that a company such as Microsoft can think one day to close”
Those two sentences that I got from my elder brother and from an employee at my last internship company(both computer programmers) are the reflect of nowadays Microsoft's situation.
All here is about distribution channels. Microsoft is leader and will stay the leader during a long time because it has a monopole on this distribution and because it can afford ways that others cannot.
I however think that Microsoft should start to think about his image for a long term strategy.

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