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Google: Google's position in the world nowadays as a search engine

I – 3 Google's position in the world nowadays as a search engine

In order to introduce better Google's strategy abroad we should have a close look at Google's situation today.

I made a map by analyzing results coming from Alexa Web (data center of the most visited websites in the world country by country).

The concept of this map is the following I put in evidence by one different color the leading search engine in each country. As I wrote previously Google is the most used search engine in the world with around 60% of the world requests. We could think then quickly that Google is used in majority by all countries around the world. I however have strong beliefs that the use of Search engines is not link to rationality(better technology is winning) but in fact is driven by cultures.

On the following map the regions in white mean no data from these countries:

As we can see there are not many search engines in the world. Moreover three of them are in a very fragile situation: Microsoft, Seznam and two last ones will probably not passed the next year, an auction is currently made on Seznam and some web marketing research companies already showed that has been doubled by Google).

As you can see Google has almost an entire control on the Americas(we saw previously that Google made a very intelligent partnership with the Latin America leader) except on the Caribbean area(too many small countries, too isolated. According to World Stats this area does not represent a lot of users.

Africa is what I will qualified of the continent of flip-flop regions. Internet is not very developed in each of these countries it is then hard to attribute a search engine leader. In fact only Nigeria seems to be a problem for Google in Africa.

In Middle East I would say that the same problem which occurs with Iran.

And then what I think is the most interesting part is the Asian Wall which is composed of several different competitors and reasons why they are better implemented: better competitor's strategy(Yahoo), national security(Baidu in China), boycott of American services? ( in Russia and ex-sovietik regions), foreigner search engine do not fit with Korean way of searching the information(Naver in South Korea).

Even if Internet and technology made easier the exportation of products and services abroad it does not mean that it can be automatically made.

In order to be world used Google will have far more to do than being the best service for search engines.

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