vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Google: Drivers of internationalization

III – 8 Drivers of internationalization

Demand drivers: when Google just started to come out the demand was high and this all over the world. Such a service was needed. The ones which were on the market were too complicated. A mere product was needed.
Cost drivers: Google is by chance a cheap product. Easy to acquire a domain name and few translations to handle in order to make the product available abroad.
Government drivers: none, even if installed firstly in the Silicon Valley I wonder if Google has not been well helped by the American Government
Technical drivers: Google operating on Internet when it was a real boom it has been for sure well driven.
Competition drivers: There was a competition at that time but other services were young as well so it was possible to make the difference. Or the main other search engines have been trapped by their starting strategies as Yahoo for the translation of its home page.

In order to conclude I would say that the launch of Google abroad has been helped by the situation at that time. It was really favorable for it.

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