vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Google: Conclusion

IV - Conclusion

Even and it is true that we could have some things to say regarding how Google targeted Asia which remain until now the place where Google have the most difficulties to enter, we cannot deny that Google did an incredible work in terms of international marketing.

In ten years it has covered almost all the planet with more than 60% of the market(and it is growing year after year). We could even think at least for Europe that most of the users are Google dependent.

His secret is coming from a mere idea of his creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin(both engineers): a very simple tool and easy to use.

It was that simple and that easy that making it available to the all world seemed to have been a kid game(easy to translate and to export through the net).

We however still have some questions tags regarding his implementation in Asia and moreover on four countries:

    • Why is it facing a so fierce competition in China, South Korea and Japan whereas it is the only three countries to which it accepts to make a specific customization?

    • Why his main competitor is far better than him in this area?



South Korea




Yahoo: 64%

Naver: 77%

Baidu: 60,9%

Yandex or 47,61%


Google: 29,6%

Daum: 10,8%

Google: 27%

Google 25,67%


Microsoft: 2,8%

Yahoo: 4,4%

Sogou: 3,1%

Rambler 12,17%


Others: 3,6%

Google: 1,7%

Yahoo: 2,4% 5,53%


Others: 6,1%

Others: 6,6%

Others: 9,02%

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