dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Why this report?


I-1 Why this report?

This report has been written for the integration following the written exam passed of the Information and Communication Technology course attended at the University of Trento in year 2007.

I choose this topic for many reasons.First because I am an Open Source user and secondly because this is a nowadays topic.

Who never heard about Linux or OpenOffice?

Most of the time these solutions are used as an alternative of cost reduction which is closely connected to our ICT course which is to analyze IT on an economic point of view.

This report has been also made to know more about these two software and to analyze the acquisition of such IT solutions inside a company.

Moreover a lot of people are speaking about Linux without knowing what it is really,I was one of them before starting to make this report.This is why I developed one specific part to this solution.

For a personal point of view I was curious of discovering what is Linux and I was eager to have the time to study it.

This is for all of these reasons that I decided to study the opportunities of using Open Source solutions for companies.

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