dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Main complaints about Linux

II-2.2.2- Main complaints about Linux

Before developing this part all user of Linux should know one thing:

Linux is not Windows under a free license

"It is logically impossible for any thing to be better than any other thing while remaining completely identical to it. A perfect copy may be equal, but it can never surpass. So when you gave Linux a try in hopes that it would be better, you were inescapably hoping that it would be different. Too many people ignore this fact, and hold up every difference between the two OSes as a Linux failure. "
Firefox was successful because it was better than IE, and it was better because it was different.
1st complaint: Linux isn't exactly the same as Windows
This complaint comes with the citation I copied above.Most of the people want to acquire a free legal software of Windows.Because they cannot find one they think about the Linux alternative and hope to find some Windows inside Linux.As we saw above Linux is not Windows under a free license.
2nd complaint: Linux is too different from Windows
To explain this complaint we could identify these two operating system as ways of transportation.For example imagine that Windows is a car and Linux a motocycle.Both of them provide you in a certain way the same service:to move you from A to B.They have a lot of common points(need some oil to run,you need to indicate when you turn etc...).
But they are different in many points(you don't drive your motocycle in the same way as you drive your car).
Users expect to drive a new car with Linux...whereas they have to pass their motocycle license.
I admit that this comparison is a bit too simple but the main idea of this complaint is right there.
3rd complaint: Culture shock
This complaint is also very interesting to analyze.
"Windows users are more or less in a customer-supplier relationship: They pay for software, for warranties, for support, and so on. They expect software to have a certain level of usability. They are therefore used to having rights with their software: They have paid for technical support and have every right to demand that they receive it. They are also used to dealing with entities rather than people: Their contracts are with a company, not with a person."
Linux users are in a community relationship. As a peer they don't buy the software, they don't have to pay for technical support. They download software for free & use Instant Messaging and web-based forums to get help. They deal with people, not corporations.
4th complaint:Linux is too technical
One slogan of Linux is interesting to analyze:
"By geeks, for geeks."
Most of the Linux users are geeks.
It's an open-source, fully-customizeable set of software. That's the whole point. If you don't want to hack the components a bit, why bother to use it?

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