jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Apple: c)Establish gold standard for Apple buying experience

c)Establish gold standard for Apple buying experience

Jobs synthesized “We want to set an example for all our resellers. Maybe they’ll
have better ideas, but if they don’t we want them to take our ideas and adopt them as
their own”. Apple Stores are designed for delivering an high quality buying
experience. Personnel is highly trained and motivated and there’s in every store an
Hot Line with technicians at the headquarters in Cupertino for difficult situations.
Along with the company’s products there’s a wide offer of third-party accessories
and about 300 software packages. It is possible to buy everything is exposed because
the stores have an inventory of about 300 SKU for every item. The stores collaborate
with the resellers for raising the experience levels, and provides data,
recommendations and consults to other dealers.

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