jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Apple: Growth


At the time Apple’s market share was just about 5% and this meant that there was
another 95% that could be converted. This means that there’s room for growth. The
stores were designed specifically to drew in people who normally don’t buy Apple
products. The shop locations were choose according to demographic researches and
placed where there was an high density of Mac user but also many Windows users,
with a profile quite close to these of usual Apple customer. The shop were located in
places with an high level of traffic, where people go for shopping and being
entertained and design for catching attention immediately; with this strategy a causal
Windows customer had the occasion of going in a shop while having a walk and see
by himself what does Apple offer. If only 5 out 100 of those who don’t even
considered buying a Mac could be converted, the company’s market share would
nearly double. The “destination-location” option was dropped because a potential
computer buyer who don’t even consider buying a Mac is unlikely to drive 20
minutes just for visiting an Apple Store.

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