dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Conclusion


As a conclusion we should mention the future of Open Source solutions.

As we saw no one denies it Open Source solutions will grow up in the coming years.

This phenomenon is quite strange because we discovered that Open Source was the beginning of the computer science then come the proprietary software which destroyed everything.

And now we are facing a sluggish reverse effect that we cannot imagine favorable to proprietary software.

However, as I just wrote this wave is sluggish and Open Source is not a revolution.Companies need time...a lot of time. In most cases, fewer than 10 percent of enterprise application portfolios are supported or interact with open-source systems.

It appears that as we could imagine price is the first motivation to acquire Open Source solutions inside a company.

This repoIt shows also that two criticals points are made to Open Source: the security and the support.

On the other hand proprietary software costs in terms of licence,security(viruses) and lock in vendors strategy.

Open Source is not the IT solution for the company this is an alternative which needs to define a specific strategy to integrate it.

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