dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Linux


Maybe the most famous Open Source solution heard in the world but also maybe the one that most people speak about it without knowing what it really is.In this part we are going to discover this software and make a comparison between it and the giant Microsoft Windows.

II-2.2.1-Presentation of Linux

Linux or more officially under his real name GNU/Linux is an operating system such as Microsoft Windows.His logo is a penguin.This animal is to my point of view the symbol of the Open Source phenomenon.

Linux has the reputation to be cheap(actually it's free whereas Microsoft Windows is around 200 to 300 euros) and quite technical(this is one who scare the non IT specialists).

Finding some good and easy information about Linux is quite hard.The best source of information I found is on a French website called "Le site du zéro" which explains in a very simple way what is it and how to install it.

Linux is a huge software.It is distributed under a lot of names which have each of them some specific characteristics,here are some of the most famous:

Each of these distributions have a specific use,for example Ubuntu has the reputation to be the easiest version of Linux so for non IT specialist.Linux/Ubuntu is for people who are not use to work on a Linux environment whereas some versions which are more technical are more for computer programmers such as the RedHat distribution.

As a very simple comparison under Windows we will have such a scheme:

This scheme could be far developed for example under XP professional it exists also the pack for Small and Medium companies.

Here is the repartition of Operating System in France for professionals.

Système d'exploitation des postes de travail des professionnels français

Système d'exploitation

PdM septembre 2005PdM août 2005





Mac OS









Source Benchmark Group

As we can see Linux is not a revolution but it is still taking some market shares on Microsoft Windows.

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