dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Pros and cons of adopting Open Sources for your company

II-3 Pros and cons of adopting Open Sources for your company



Customization - Ability to rewrite, customize, or adapt code.Fundamental control and flexibility advantages, the users can modify and maintain the software.

Choice of programs – the range of FOSS programs are less developed than commercial ones.Specific necessary software isn't mature.

Security - FOSS products at least provide users with the option of detailed review of the

source code, and to fix problems themselves without waiting for the vendor.

Security - Here is the main reproach done to Open Source solution.Everyone can see how your software has been made.This is the biggest brake among large companies.You expect the code to be trustfull but if it is not?

Localization - FOSS can be trivially localized, a critical advantage where there are languages with a smaller number of speakers.

Localization - Commercial products are developed faster.

Cost – FOSS costs nothing in terms of acquiring the software.It can be obtained through direct downloading on internet.The cost is the main reason of the attractiveness.

Cost – Huge hidden costs in terms of personnel costs for installation,training and maintenance( recruiting appropriate skills)

Support -The FOSS community provides an

extremely efficient learning environment, and a huge source of help information

Support -

-Lack of large companies offering enterprise-level solutions,support and training on FOSS

prevent its adoption by large companies.For example less chance to get a 24x7 support.

-To get support you need to understand the culture of FOSS and the tacit rules of the community.

-Enterprise support not as robust as commercial packages

Freedom from vendor lock in: Imagine that your IT provider goes away.who can support and maintain the software he made for you?...no one because the source code is hidden.

An open source code will solve this lock in situation.With OpenSource solutions you are then independant from your IT provider.

Communication - Commercial vendors are the main supporters of the library meetings, workshops, conferences.

Copy – For example your competitor can make an exact copy of the software or website you developed.Your competitors see the work you make on IT.

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