dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Open Source Applications in companies

II-1.1 Open Source Applications in companies

All the graphics in this report have been taken from: http://www.ioug.org/IOUG_Open_Source_07.pdf

According to this report in 2006, companies which are running with a majority of Open Source applications is around 9%.In 2007 this percentage is around 13%.

A very simple and candid(because we just have two years to judge) analysis let make us say that there is a growth of open source applications inside companies.

According to this tab it is interesting to see that only 1% of large companies are running more than 50% of their applications under Open source whereas for small companies this percentage is around 24%

Another data is interesting: 43% of large companies are using between 1 to 9% of Open Source applications.

The analysis of these data give us some information.

1st :There is good chance that Large companies recognized the fact that Open Source applications are a cost saving.

But don't trust them enough to make them running their all computer park.

On the other hand small companies seem recognize that equiping the company with Open source applications is a huge cost saving.

What can be interesting is to understand why there is such a big gap?

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