dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Advantages and drawbacks

II-2.1.3-Advantages and drawbacks

The main advantage of this solution is that it is free.

The second advantage is that it has more functionalities that the other main suite office software:Microsoft Office.

The main drawback is that the format of the openoffice documents is not recognized by the Microsoft Office software.

For example a Writer document cannot be read by the Word software of Microsoft whereas a Word document of Microsoft can be read by a Writer OpenOffice software.

Another drawback is when an user swift from Microsoft Office to Open Office there is a delay of adaptation because even if Open Office seems as the first sight of a perfect copy,it has still some differences.These differences are for example some names,some added functionalities etc...

I read also that companies such as Microsoft prefer to have people who use some pirate copies of their software instead of using open source solutions which use a different state of mind and a different way of using the software.

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