dimanche 23 novembre 2008

OSS for companies: Open Source definition

I-2 Open Source definition

There are a lot of definitions about Open Source.The best and the easiest definition I found was the one I made by crossing some different sources of information.

This definition cannot be well done without the describing what we call the "source code".
The source code is the intelligible and understandable version by a human being of a computer programme.
This source code is written in a language called "programmation",known by programmers.It described with words and formulas how the software is precisely running.This source code is not directly usable by the computer, it is therefore translated in a machine code or executable code.

Because now we know what is the source code we can easily explain what "Open Source" means.

Open Source definition: the code source of the software is available to users.

As a comparison if the Open Source software was a dish you could know how it has been made(his composition in fact).

The Open Source definition includes also the possibility of modifying,improving and redistributing it.

The opposite of an open source software is a proprietary sofwtare.

Proprietary software is a computer software with restrictions on copying and modifying placed on it by the creator or distributor.

I think you understood that as a comparison if a proprietary software was a cooked dish , it would be impossible to know its composition,neither the way it had been cooked.And it would be forbidden to try to guess.Impossible to improve the way it had been made, and forbidden to give a piece of it to your friend who is starving to death.

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