dimanche 1 février 2009


The purpose of this intermediate report was for me to show my knowledge
about the topic, to prove that the problematic is pertinent, interesting and that there is
enough to write about it.
I wanted to show as well that I have the ideas clear enough for the next
coming months. What I keep in mind from this work is that I like the research I am
doing, that I am very curious about the final result (how to make the difference when
looking for information on the Internet and that the gap between rational search of
information and mass search information is abyssal).
I am quite conscious that a lot of work has to be done and that a lot of
questions have still no answers.
However I would like as well to emphasize what I personally did so far and
what I learned:
• I know now how to structure a master thesis. I had until now no knowledge
about it and I learned from scratch how to set up an academical report;
• I studied since June 2008 the world of search engines and comes to know a
lot about the topic. Once graduated I would like to continue on the field of emarketing
either on a PhD level or in an international e-marketing company.
This thesis is then making me more valuable to pretend to one of those two
• Studying this field brought me additional ideas regarding the e-marketing
field. I wrote done an additional 20-pages report (not included in this
intermediate report) about a hypothetical computer application which could
give information about how to launch e-marketing campaigns on a global
February will be for sure the month which will decide how this master thesis
will be achieved. I have concretely more than 3 weeks to dedicate days and nights to
this project.
The biggest issues I will have to think about are:
• Chapter 3.1.6: regarding semantic web I did not study yet in detail the topic and I will have to come back on this point later;
• Chapter 4: how to measure the gap of information between mass behavior
when looking for information on the Internet and the most rational behavior?;
• Chapter 5: The Google example;
• Re writing the thesis from an informal point of view this time (using the third
person of the singular instead of the first which does not sound very

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