dimanche 1 février 2009

2.1 Data quality definition

“This part needs additional information and improvements and is then not
finished yet.”
Data quality is defined by four criteria:
· Accuracy: it means that the information has to be true so based on real facts.
Here we see the importance of having the source of the document.
· Timely: the data given has to be dated. The most striking example could be
the one with stock exchange, what is the value of a data regarding a currency
change without the date?
· Meaningful: here it comes back to what I was explaining in the introduction.
Does the result fits with my request? What is the color of a frog? The answer
is green, is it useful? Yes but is it complete?;
· Complete: an information can be for sure useful but will be far more useful if
it is complete.
Here is then the minimum vital of data quality.

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