dimanche 1 février 2009

3.2.2 Search engines dependency aspect

Search engines dependency can however comes from different ways:
· Search engine satisfaction: you are using a specific search engine which
give you entire satisfaction, so why should you change?;
· Search engine patriotism: you are using this search engine in order to
support your local technologies;
· Search engine convenience: the search engine is providing you all kind of
services which made it very convenient to use or even made the other ones
not convenient to use;
Of course the trend for all search engine is to go for convenience because it
gives to customer everything they need. The main drawback is that for the search
engine companies you have then to dedicate less people to your core activity and
then there is a risk that your search activity will pay the price.
So being search engine dependent means using massively a search engine for
one of those reasons and ignoring all the other ones. Search engines dependency
reach very high rate in Europe:
Illustration 8: Search engines figures for
France, Source: XitiMonitor

Most of the European countries have like France a strong addiction to Google with
more than 90%. What does it concretely mean? Almost all European when making
search on the Internet are fed by using the same way to process information.

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