dimanche 1 février 2009

4.4 The gap between search engine dependency and data quality

“This part needs additional information and improvements and is then not finished
In this part I will explain how to put in evidence the gap of information
between being search engine dependent of only one search engine and using the most
rational tool to search for information on the Internet.
It may not be easy to prove it concretely so I may need to prove it by making
empirical studies.
I succeed to put in evidence so far that:
• Internet users are search engines addicted;
• Internet users have few knowledge about search engines awareness;
• I have now to prove that this is bad;
My first point will be to show that search engines are using different
technologies provide different results.
Here is a comparison I made for three search engines through
http://www.thumbshots.org/Products/Thumbshots/Ranking.aspx which shows how
many similarities search engines have among them. Here I said if I type in
“Universität Kassel” what are the results that those search engines have in common
(in blue). And I moreover added the option to highlight me the website of the
university of Kassel (in red) which for me is a sign of relevancy of my request.

Illustration 16: Comparison among Google, Yahoo and MSN
Here as we can see:
• Google has 7 similarities with Yahoo out of 60;
• Google has 10 similarities with MSN out of 60;
• Google found two times the website I was looking for;
• Yahoo has 4 similarities with MSN out of 60;
• Yahoo found one time the website I was looking for;
• MSN found 4 times the website I was looking for;
This analysis is then confirming what I was supposing before search engines do not
look for information at the same place.
Then one could ask about the pertinence of the results, is it worthwhile to display
more than one time on one page the website of the university of Kassel? Or is it a
sign of relevancy? So here we have an interpretation according to the Internet user.

One thing is sure search engines using different technology provide
different results.

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