dimanche 1 février 2009

3.3 Search engines dependency problems

At the first sight when using a search engine we are not thinking about all the
issues which are coming out from them. We make our research and we get results
from this and then we try the results one after the other until finding the one which
fits the best our expectations.
The first main problem is that when addicted to a specific search engine
which normally gave you satisfaction the day when the result will not be the one you
want you may think about different possibilities:
· The information is not displayed so the information you are looking for does
not exist yet;
· The request was not good enough so let's try with other keywords;
The main issue to highlight is that people are so confident with some search
engines that they will not normally look for alternatives or even consider that their
favorite search engine can be wrong.
People are so confident with their search engine that they are not
thinking that the search engine can be wrong.

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