mardi 9 décembre 2008

These sur les moteurs de recherches

J'ai une grande nouvelle à vous annoncer. On vient de me valider le plan de ma thèse...disons pas le plan final mais la structure de ma thèse en elle même.
Cela signifie que j'ai officiellement l'aval de mes responsables de formation pour démarrer ma thèse.
Alors en voici en exclusivité les points qui y seront abordés:

Risks of search engine dependency and its influence on data quality

1 Introduction of the topic background

1.1 Relevance of the subject

- Internet is more and more used to find information

- In order to browse properly the Internet you need a search engine

- One specific search engine is massively used which means only one way to manage data
1.2 Major terms

- Search engines

- Search engines dependency

- Data quality

- Risks

- Influence
1.3 Focus, goals and structure of the report

-Focus: What are the risks of using a single way of managing data?


- to put in evidence that using a single search engine is wrong;
- to show how important it is to have reliable information;
- to show how big is the gap between a single search engine and specific unknown search engines;
- to look for solutions if tomorrow the biggest search engines players disappear(for e.g: Google);
- to show that there is not a perfect search engine;
- to show that other search engines exist;
- to show even if you are dependent of a single search engine it is not sure that you are using it properly;

2 Concept of data quality
2.1 How to define data quality?

- Accurate, timely, meaningful, and complete

2.2 Why data quality is so important?

- Data quality as source of decision making

- Data is the center of everything

3 Search engines dependency

3.1 Configuration of the search engine market

- It is rare to find a country which is not depending of a particular search engine. We clearly have Google countries, Yahoo countries...
3.2 Search engines dependency aspect

- What does search engine dependency mean?

3.3 Search engines dependency problems

- Privacy issues

- Why people are not looking for other search engines?

- You get less and less confident regarding other search engines

- How to manage Search engine owner strategy(for e.g if Google change its rules of indexation)

- Even the most famous search engines do not provide all functionalities(to compare results from different search engines, I want to have a visual representation of my results, I want to find people)

4 The risks of search engines dependency and its influence on data quality

4.1 The information has been found but is poor

- Poor data quality

- The more a search engine is known the more it is easier to know its secrets and then to manipulate it

- Single way of thinking

4.2 The information has been not found so users may think it does not exist

- Poor knowledge on how to use the search engine

- Data can be controlled, easy to manipulate people

- Poor knowledge on the existence of other search engines

5 The Google example

    1. Google figures

    2. Search engine dependency on Google

    3. Can Google disappear?

6 Conclusion

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